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eFoodHandlers® comprises a family of websites dedicated to expanding food handlers's access to food safety education and information throughout the United States. These websites, referred to collectively as the eFoodhandlers Network, all offer affordable, FDA-based training to food handlers, workers, students, volunteers and the economically challenged.

At eFoodhandlers, no one is denied training due to an inability to pay.

eFoodhandlers' Basic Food Safety course is ANSI (American National Standards Institute) accredited. This means that their program has met the rigorous standards of a national accreditation organization.

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eFoodHandlers Training and Testing

Thank you so much for your assistance. You have been an incredible, efficient, and great help. I look forward to future business with your company and will definitely recommend you to others. Seriously, you guys have been amazing. Thank you again

I learned a lot and this will prove invaluable to me personally as well as to my Rebecca's Garden Of Hope team-mates.
- JAMES B, Indianapolis, IN

Thank you. This way as easy and efficient as I'd hoped.

You had a great course if though it took me over three hours to complete because I took a lot of notes
- IAN P, Villa Grove, IL

The study guide was clear, efficient and effectively demonstrated. Staff can easily understand all information they were given.

Awarding winning Customer Service means we care about You!

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