b'Defense #2: Temperature ControlWhat Type of Thermometer Should I Use?In food service, you will usually see two different kinds of thermometers: digital thermometers and metal stem thermometers.Metal stem thermometers are sometimes also called dial thermometers. Thats because both types of thermometers use metal stems; it is the type of display that varies. Dial thermometers have a clock-like face, with hands that point to the foods temperature. They are recommended for mea-suring temperatures of thick foods. To use them correctly, insert the probe several inches into the food and leave it for at least 20 seconds. Dial thermometers wont give an accu-rate reading for thin foods like hamburger patties.Digital thermometers have a metal probe that can be inserted into the food and a digital screen that displays the temperature. Digital thermometers are recommended for measuring temperatures in thin foods or foods that must be measured quickly, such as ham-burger patties.Checking thermometers is important to make sure that they are still giving you an accurate temperature. To check accuracy, stick the metal stem into a cup of crushed ice and water. If it doesnt read 32 F, you need to either adjust it or replace it. Read the instructions that came with your thermometer or call your local health department to learn more about proper use and testing of your thermometer.eFoodHhandlers.com 2 323'