b'Food Worker Top 10Food Worker Top 10All food safety guidelines are important, but these are ten key items that you should try to keep at the forefront of your mind during your career as a food service worker. Following these rules will help to keep your customers, your co-workers, and yourself safe and healthy.Dont handle food whenCool food you are sick. quickly and using recommended methodsWash your hands fre- Keep raw meat quently and thoroughly,from touching scrubbing for at least 20or dripping on seconds. other foods.Use gloves or utensilsWash dishes in with ready-to-eat food,order: wash, never your bare hands. rinse, sanitize and air dry.Keep hot foods hotMake sure food (above 135 F) and coldprep areas and foods cold (below 41utensils are F).both clean and sanitized.Cook foods to properGo to your Person temperatures beforein Charge with serving. any food safety questions that arise.eFoodHhandlers.com 3 737'